There are many complex aspects of mergers and acquisitions. The professionals at GMG CPA can help you navigate the process. Combining with your business with another or adding a smaller business to yours can be an exciting time of growth. Having a trusted CPA can make the transition easier. With GMG CPAs to assist with the detail allows you to focus on new prospects and possibilities. 

  • Certain transaction structures may have both pre- and post- acquisition impacts on earnings. 
  • Detailed analysis may be necessary to determine the scope of the accounting guidance as well the entity that is subject to its requirements. 
  • Complex capital structures as well as puts, calls and other contingent provisions, can require classification of ownership interests outside of equity,
  • Complex transactions often touch many including consolidation assessments, identifying and accounting for derivatives and complex financial instruments, potential new basis issues, accounting for new or modified stock compensation plans, etc.
  • Complex valuation techniques, and the assistance of outside experts, are often required for acquired contracts, intangibles, contingent consideration and other assets and liabilities that are difficult to value.

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