Don’t be a victim of IRS Scam Artists

The IRS has issued a new warning about IRS scam artists following the emergence of a new variations of the widespread tax scams.  These scams, which occur by phone, in emails, and through letters with authentic looking letterhead, try to trick taxpayers into providing personal financial information and/or scare people into making a false tax payment.

IRS Scams have cost individuals over $20 Million

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration is aware of 600,000 contacts made by the scammers, with nearly 4,000 victims taken for a collective $20 million in losses.  The scammers, posing as IRS agents, originally targeted the elderly and newly arrived immigrants, but now have expanded their ploy to target anybody.

New variations of the scam include changing what appears in the caller ID, using fake names, titles, and badge numbers, and copying official IRS letterhead for use in email or mail contact.

Find out how you’ll know if it’s an IRS scam and how you should respond if a scammer contacts you

The IRS provides information about what the scammers do that the IRS will never do in the the full article at the IRS website.  It also lets you know what you should do if you are contacted by an IRS scam artist.  Read the full article here:  IRS Warns Taxpayers.