Innkeepers are some of the hardest working people we know. We understand that you are constantly under pressure to reduce expenses in order to stay competitive. We can help you evaluate your internal operations and find ways to tighten up controls, cut costs, and budget for seasonal changes to help your business become more profitable. This includes delivering timely, comprehensive financial data presented in a way you can easily understand and use to manage your hotel more efficiently.

A recent survey by Inns Magazine indicated that the number one accounting concern of B&B owners is maintaining the value of the business. When it comes time to sell and retire you are not simply selling a property you are selling the business itself including your brand, your relationship to the community, your mailing list and other intangibles. 

Creating accounting systems that work for your business includes budgeting and forecasting as well as the day to day accounting needed for your business to run smoothly. As well as creating ways to keep track and document the value of your business. GMG CPAs will listen to you, help to define and understand your goals and assist you along the way.